My Boyfriend Stopped Talking to Me Out of the Blue! Follow This Advice Right Away

You wonder at the sudden silence that has overcome your boyfriend of late. What could the reason for this sudden silence be? Let us investigate what it means when your boyfriend just stops talking to you.

He’s angry with you

This is a very likely reason. Something about you has made him tremendously angry for him to just stop talking to you.

You’ll either have to fall back to identify when something had happened or ask him what had angered him so as to make him stop talking.

Be apologetic about it.

He’s troubled over an issue at work

Probably it’s nothing to do with you at all and what actually is the reason behind his suddenly becoming quiet and not talking is some issue at work for which he’s troubled.

This problem is playing on his mind and keeping him from talking with you. He’s just not in the mood.

My Boyfriend Stopped Talking to Me

Perhaps you’ve been nagging

The reason could well be that you have been nagging him of late.

Try to recollect if you have been doing so, then change your attitude and cajole and pamper him to get out of the mood. He will come out of his shell of silence and talk with you.

Have you been around him too much

Perhaps he’s feeling bothered by your hovering around him too much and he cannot stand it all the time. So one way of reacting to you is by just stop talking with you.

You should try to recognize these shortfalls and rectify them so that he never thinks of not talking.

Driving him nuts

Are you keeping him tied to the numerous commitments expected of him?

This must be driving him nuts and he’s feeling disgusted by the whole thing and the only way out is by just stop talking.

Stop driving him crazy with all these reminders about his commitments.

Not enough pampering

Perhaps the pampering and cajoling are missing these days. And he’s feeling neglected and too ‘taken for granted‘ by you.

He’s just not feeling in the mood to be pleasant and friendly and instead he stops talking as a way of showing his displeasure. So make it up to him.

The relationship could be stagnating

He finds that the relationship is stagnating because it has lost that earlier excitement and fun. The sex life too has died down or frozen and he feels that you don’t love him anymore and wonders if he loves you or not.

So he just stops talking under the circumstances.


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