Getting My Boyfriend Back – Follow These 6 Easy Steps Right Now

When I went through the process of getting my boyfriend back, I had a tough time at first.

I went against all of the great advice I was given, and very nearly jeopardized the reconciliation I wanted so badly.

If you end up in the middle of a tough split, don’t make the mistakes I did.

Follow the advice I’m about to give you closely and you’ll be able to lure your former lover back to you, with just a little effort.

Getting My Boyfriend Back

Step 1. Realize that making up takes time

Your ex probably didn’t decide to break up with you overnight, so bringing him back to you won’t happen overnight, either.

Building a new relationship with your old flame is going to take time if it’s going to be a strong, healthy one.

Step 2. Fight the urge to say all of the things you want to

There’s an old saying, “think ere you speak, for words, once flown, once uttered, are no more your own.”

It means that you can’t take back anything you say once it’s been heard. The time right after a breakup is hard, and you and your ex will both be vulnerable.

What you do or don’t do during this time will make or break your attempts to reconcile. So, the best policy is to do nothing.

It’ll keep you from being in a position to hurt each other’s feelings, and jeopardize your making up efforts.

Step 3. Keep yourself occupied

When I was getting my boyfriend back, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I decided to start playing the drums again, a hobby I used to have when he and I started dating.

As it turned out, it was a great idea.

It kept me busy; helped me meet new people and when my ex found out, it reminded him of the time he fell in love with me when he and I originally started dating.

Step 4. Do what makes you happy

Write this down, and repeat it to yourself until you know it by heart. When you’re repairing your relationship, don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

If you want to change something to make your life better, do it. Make yourself happy, because if you can’t do that, nobody else will be able to, either.

Besides, nobody wants to be around someone who’s down all of the time. If you’re happy, your ex will want to be in your circle again.

Step 5. When you do talk to your ex, keep it lighthearted

When your ex finally does talk to you again, don’t scare him off by delving into the breakup.

He knows your feelings were hurt and rehashing it with him is just going to open up old wounds and make him less receptive to reconciling with you.

This was the most important part of getting my boyfriend back, being able to let the past be the past, so he and I could move on, into the future.



by Sarah JJ Jones







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