I Want My Ex Back But He Hates Me – How to Make Him Love Me Again?

Breaking up is hard and missing your ex-boyfriend is even harder.

Sometimes we break up in a moment of rage and can’t realize the consequences of our acts. We feel sorry after doing some horrible mistakes and then we feel we want to get back to our loved ones.

Our loved ones began to hate us due to the mistake we had made. What should we do in this case?

I want my ex back but he hates me” is a delicate situation to deal with.

From one side some people say that hate is the other side of love.

If you did not break the heart of your ex then he will not hate you. But on the other side, you are not so sure that your ex-boyfriend hates you.

How can you be sure of something that is buried deep in the heart?

Anyway, if you can’t forget about your ex then you have to try your chances to get back to him.

The first thing you have to do to reconcile with your ex is to eliminate the reasons that led to the breakup.

If something went wrong in our lives the first thing we do is to search for the root cause and eliminate it. Ask yourself and be honest then after finding the right answers try to fix yourself from inside.

On the other side, you must also find the things that led to your connection from the very beginning.

Find out why he loved you and what attracted him to you in the first place.

Try to get what you have lost all the way long from the moment he admired you till the breakup. You will revive your life and enrich your experience.

Do not stand still in the face of breakup wind.

Try to fill the vacuum in your emotional life with new, interesting, and funny activities. Restore your social life and call old friends. Get noticed in your social circles and volunteer for a charity cause.

Hate can’t be fought with hate.

You can only fight hate with love.

Smile to your ex, give him a supporting word, support him actually if he had some problems, ask about him, share good ideas, and try to draw a smile on his face.

At last, if he connects you with good and sweet memories then his idea will be switched unconsciously.

Instead of hating you, he will start to miss you and miss all the feelings you bring to him.


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by Ayman Dweck http://ezinearticles.com/expert/Ayman_Dweck/227135

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