4 Tips On How To Keep A Man Interested In You: Ways Of Making Your Man Stick To You Like Glue

Are you at present going out on dates with a guy you like? Congratulations!

You have succeeded in your first step of making the guy you want to ask you out and invite you for a formal dinner!

Now, the difficulty then lies in how to keep a man interested in you. Surely, keeping a man’s interest glued at you is not an easy job.

But how on earth are you going to sustain the interest of a man you barely know?

What magic do you need to keep that glow in his eyes every time he stares at your face?

Well, if you find yourself asking these very questions, then you have come to the right place. Read this article and you will find below a number of tips that might be of help to you when you finally start your proven and tested strategies of how to keep a man interested in you:

1. Wear the most seductive clothes ever.

By wear, we do not mean literally putting seductive clothes on your body but in a deeper sense, that of carrying your revealing clothes in a way that can truly be foxy and sexy.

Remember that physical attraction is always the best way to sustain a man’s interest in any woman.

2. Wear a signature perfume or cologne to entice his senses.

Make it a point that you match your flamboyant wardrobe with your own favorite perfume. In that way, you do not only keep his eyes on you but also capture his senses so that he will always think about you.

These two are actually enough to make a man keep his interest in a woman, but then it would be best to further find ways by which he will be totally fixated in you.

3. Make smart conversations.

Show the guy you like that you are one hell of a smart woman. You are independent-minded without being bossy; smart without being bragging; funny without trying to be; and a lot more that will surprise him. Talk in a very casual manner yet make it a point that you let him know you are smart.

But then be careful though that you do not empower his masculinity or overshadow his dominance of the conversation. As they always say, the man will always be the man and the woman, the one to stand beside or behind him.

4. Dare to draw out challenge in him.

This is very essential if you are truly interested in how to keep a man interested in you. Keep in mind that the more a man feels challenged, the more he will get interested in the woman.

Leave some mystery about you. If you will show him everything you have, or reveal all that you are; chances are, the guy you want will in one snap of the fingers, lose his interest in you!

The secret lies in making him think more of you perhaps by playing a little mysterious and mischievous game (you will both enjoy) with him.

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