How to Make a Man Happy in a Relationship! Important Steps You Must Follow to Make Him HappyHow to Make a Man Happy in a Relationship! Important Steps You Must Follow to Make Him Happy

Keeping a man happy will give you a sort of assurance that you can keep him in the relationship. Here are some tips on how to keep your man happy and content:

Stay beautiful and sexy

Men want to have a trophy girlfriend that they can parade and boast of.

If you attracted him the first time with your good looks and beautiful body, take care of it and maintain that appearance. The simple act of being pretty can make your man happy.

Understand him and be sensitive to his feelings

Never assume that your man can read your thoughts all the time.

Keep your communication line with him open at all times. Sometimes words are spoken through actions, so learn to read what he is trying to tell you by his moves and facial expressions.

As the perpetual saying goes…Never be too clingy

Never be too dependent on your man, learn to stand on your feet.

Being too needy can turn your guy off so better think twice before you send flooding text messages and calling him every hour of the day.

Give him space and freedom

Being his girlfriend or wife does not give you any right to take all of his time.

Allow him to spend time with other people like his friends and family.

One thing that scares away men from being committed is the fact that they are choked and robbed of their freedom to move around.

Make him feel good about himself

Stroke his ego from time to time. Boost his ego and appreciate the good things about him. Men assume that they need to have the final say in the relationship, give him the authority to lead and learn to submit.

Don’t give him reasons to distrust you

Never give your man any reason to doubt you and lose his trust in you. Be faithful to him all the time. Let him know your activities and let him know who you are with all the time. Once his trust is severed, it will be difficult to gain it back.Get Back

With all of the strength that is in you, take good care of him

Take good care of your man by attending to his needs physically, emotionally, and sexually.

Learn to cook for him as well. Men love to eat and enjoy their favorite dishes.

So once in a while find your way to the kitchen and prepare something hearty for him to enjoy.

Once your man is happy and contented in the relationship, you will be happy and contented as well because, for sure, he will reciprocate the things that you do for him.

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