How to Keep a Girl Attracted to You – Know This and Have Her Hooked For the Long Run

So you can attract a woman and go on a date with her success and then have everything going well but how can you keep her attracted?

This is a question that may puzzle you because the answers you may hear are vague and hard to comprehend.

After all, a woman has many choices at finding a sexual partner and it is much easier for her to engage in sex with any man she chooses.

Therefore it is very important to know how to keep a girl attracted to you so that you can maintain a fun and exciting relationship for the long term.

In this article, I will outline two different strategies you can use to keep a girl hooked to you for an extended period of time.

A great strategy to use to keep a girl attracted to you is to always flirt at the beginning of the interaction as soon as the first few seconds of meeting her.

The problem is in the past you may have focused on just casual conversation which will lead the women into being bored and this boredom may translate into her putting you into the friend category.

If you want to keep her attracted flirt from the get-go because the first impression she will have of you is a male who is powerful, confident, and attractive.

Another way to keep the woman hooked for the long term is to show mixed signals.

This means flirt with her for a while and then accuse her of flirting with you. Call her two days in a row but then let her initiate the next phone call.

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Situations like this will make you come off as unpredictable and always have the woman thinking about you because you will keep her on the edge of her toes.

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