When He Says He’s Not Happy and Wants Space – Do This Now to Keep Him!

You adore your boyfriend so when he says he’s not happy and wants space it’s bound to hurt.

You immediately, and understandably, jump to the conclusion that he wants to break up with you.

Although he may tell you repeatedly that’s not the case, your womanly instinct is telling you otherwise. You’re right.

The moment a man says he needs space, time, distance, or any combination of those, he’s on his way out of the relationship. Unless you act quickly and in exactly the right way, the relationship, as you know and want it, is over.

When he says he’s not happy and wants space what he’s really telling you is that he’s not happy being with you and that he needs some distance from you. It stings when you hear this.

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In many cases, the woman won’t even be expecting to hear anything remotely close to this. In her mind, things were going well and she was completely and totally focused on the future.

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That’s likely exactly what you’re feeling too. It’s easy to get caught up in feeling sorry for yourself. You need to push that aside though so you can focus on your plan to keep him and rebuild the flailing relationship.

Arguing with him when your boyfriend says he’s not happy and needs some time will only serve to make him feel more justified in his decision.

Conflict may very well be at the root of the problems you two face. If you try and fight him over his decision to leave you, he’ll likely cut off contact for good and then your chances of being with him again will be lost.

Instead, you have to find the inner strength to accept that he’s unhappy and you have to let him go, at least for the short term.

By giving him the space he desires you’re showing him that you’re emotionally mature. You’re also ensuring he sees that his needs come before your own.

What most women don’t see when they’re in the middle of a situation like this is that their boyfriend believes he knows what his life will be like once the break up has happened.

To him, there’s the promise of fun-filled evenings and no conflict once he’s single. The reality of that is actually quite different.

He’ll quickly realize just how much he misses you. If you can take a step back and give him want he wants, he’ll soon see that what he actually wants isn’t space or time, it’s you.

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