How to Make a Man Happy in a Relationship! 7 Things You Need to Know Right Away

A lot of women are confused as they have no idea how to keep a man happy in a relationship. While most of them equate keeping a man happy with servility the case isn’t so.

Here are the things that you need to do to keep a man happy.

Look good – for him

Men want their wives, girlfriends, lady friends to look good. While we all do look good for or men, somewhere when the relationship becomes stable this doesn’t hold good.

Running around in our most comfortable sweats or faded jeans and a tee that’s out of fashion suddenly emerges, leaving the poor man confused and wondering if he’s got the short end of the stick.

So take that effort and continue to look good for your man.

Do something special

At times you need to make your man feel special. When it’s a special occasion organize for something special and sometimes make him his special favorite meal for no reason at all.

Take the initiative

Sex is very important to men. But most women don’t feel confident enough to make the move on a man. Instead of feeling shy, surprise your man by taking initiative.

It makes him feel attractive and desired and also makes him very happy.

Don’t be a pile on

Please do not think that being in a relationship means being joined at the hip. Spending some time away from each other is very important to preserve a relationship and make it grow stronger.

It also reinforces your independence and has him feeling happy.

Make “me time” official

Men have a very vocal demand for space and it’s this demand that most women dismiss. If you want to keep your man happy then make the ‘me’ time official.

Tell him that ‘you’ also need this space to grow and he will be a very happy man.

Quit all the nagging

Nag nag nag…a man’s biggest complaint about women. If you feel that nagging is your solution to make him do things then you couldn’t be further from the truth.

So instead of complaining about everything that he does, try to find a way to make him understand your point of view and cut out on the nagging.

Men have a need for appreciation so put things in that perspective and he will not only respond better but will also be happy.

Have great conversations

Work on your conversation skills. A man wants a relationship where he can have an interesting and stimulating conversation. So get informed and prepare to have a good time with your man.

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